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A Free download manager tool

JDownloader is a free download management tool that allows you to quickly download files from hosting services such as Mediafire, 4Shared, and other similar functionality hosting services. File hosting services often gatekeep your full download speed to incentivize purchasing premium packages; JDownloader helps you circumvent that requirement. 

Other tools such as Internet Download Manager and Free Download Manager offer similar functionality to JDownloader.

What can you do with JDownloader?

JDownloader, like many download managers, enables you to take control of the content you're downloading online without having to rely on file hosting services. The downloader allows you to start, stop and pause downloads, allocate bandwidth limitations, and auto-extract archives, among other more advanced functions.   

These functions provide an immediate solution to the problems associated with file hosting systems. Download speeds are throttled to frustrate users and force them into paying to remove these limitations. From the outset, this can seem like a temporary delay. However, this can become a bigger problem for users who work from home or those who actively need to use the internet while a download is active. 

Long, arbitrarily delayed downloads strain the resources available to surf the web, play games, or use the software. JDownloader helps prevent this bottleneck through its download manager. Similarly, users can request a new IP address to overcome download limits from file hosts too.  

Once opened, you can use JDownloader to manage any online download. You can then pause each download, specify download order, download multiple files simultaneously, and even automatically overcome CAPTCHA requests

Is JDownloader safe?

For the most part, JDownloader operates on open source, which means anyone can view the code and files behind the program. Using open source also means injecting malicious files or viruses into the download is significantly more challenging. Perhaps not the ability to do it, but users can, at any time, view what has been added to the software, provided that you are downloading JDownloader from a credible source. Users should always be wary of downloading tools, software, and other file types from non-credible websites. 

Keep in mind that JDownloader may be flagged as an unwanted program, or you may be given a security risk depending on if and what anti-virus software you have downloaded. This is because JDownloader contains adware, a method that enables the software to remain free to use. 

This adware is often picked up as unwanted or malicious when it is a method to display ads and earn revenue from downloads. To reiterate, this is normal if you download the file from credible sources but remain cautious and aware if you are downloading it from an external source. 

Looking past the UI

As open-source software, JDownloader focuses more on providing a fleshed-out experience with its core functionality rather than making its software user-friendly. Many users may find the user interface to be intimidating on the offset. 

The user interface can be the first roadblock to understanding how to access the functionality on offer for many users. The easiest way to get past this roadblock is to download your first file from a file host. Once added to JDownloader, it will become apparent how the software works, and the UI will open up to provide more information. 

You will then be able to see the file name, where it is being saved too, the size of the file, and the availability. The host will also be visible, so you know where the file originates. For most users, knowing the host is a given, but if you're downloading multiple files at a time and there is an error with one of them, this allows you to narrow down where the original file is located quickly. 

Becoming the manager of your downloads

JDownloader sets out to provide a specific service, and it does it well. Managing all downloads from one source and having control over various elements around them gives you the freedom to optimize how to use your bandwidth best. 

Looking past the UI and getting stuck in is the best way to see how this software works and the power it can give you to download files at your current download speed, and not one that a particular file host has limited. We say give it a try and see for yourself! 


  • Quickly and efficiently download files from file hosting services
  • Download files simultaneously
  • Provides new and fresh IP address
  • Open source


  • Paused downloads may crash upon restart
  • Intimidating UI for beginners

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jDownloader for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 46316
  • 3.9
  • (9077)
  • Security Status

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